Deposits are 100% REFUNDABLE.  If a pup has been paid in full, than that is 100% refundable as well!

Why do I give back deposits you wonder.. I am more concerned about the homes my fur babies go to, than how much I can make from them.

Every family needs to give a lot of thought to the 15 year commitment they are making when adding a pup to their family and if one of my families has second thoughts or if circumstances in their life have changed, to the point they can not make this commitment, then I would rather they tell me before the pup goes to their home.

I would also hate for someone to continue with the purchase of one of my pups because they don't want to lose their deposit and think they can re-home my pup for the price they purchased it for.   If that ever happened, then I wouldn't know where my pup was or if it is in a good home or not.

I love being a hobby breeder, this is my passion, my happy place and I want to keep it that way and not have an ugly situation because of money, so I am happy to return deposits or the purchase price of any of my pups before they go into a home, that has doubts about the commitment they can give one of my fur babies.  So if I give back a deposit or refund the purchase price, I am ensuring my pups go to a home that is able to provide for them for their entire lives!

Deposits are returned when another family is found to replace the family who cannot stay on the wait list.  Purchase price of pups will be returned when the pup goes to live with a new family or upon the sale of the next available litter..

So the next question some people may be thinking is: Why ask for a deposit in the first place if they are refundable?

It takes me quite a bit of time to go through applications, chat with the applicants and respond to the Contact Forms and Applications via email and on the phone and I prefer not to be doing that after a litter is born.  People who put deposits down for a pup from a particular female are more likely to wait for a pup from that litter then not.  I have only had one person in the last 2 years ask for their deposit back before the litter was even born and that was because they found a rescue dog.  

Also, when my pups are born, I don't want to take focus away from a new litter, they require so much attention to ensure every one of them survives and thrives, which takes 24 hour care for the first 4 weeks of their lives.  So I prefer to get the business of deposits and the wait list out of the way and done with, before a litter is born. 


French bulldog deposits are $1,000

Cane Corso deposits are $500

I appreciate pups being paid in full by the 6 week visit.

Once again, my focus is on my pups and the great homes they are going to, so I am happy to work with any of the people I have on my wait list, who need time to get the whole deposit made and/or the balance of the puppy paid. 

I am frequently asked how much is your french bulldogs or cane corsos .

Cane corsos are $2,500 for companion pups (a companion pup is simply a pup that has limited AKC registration. It is in every way as gorgeous as a championed corso out there)

Cane corsos with full AKC are $3,500 (Full AKC means you can show or breed)  I rarely sell full rights to any of my dogs.

French bulldogs are not as simple to price.  A french bulldog is priced on its color coat DNA and quality.