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Belmont & Brie Pups born Jan 11/21




I had to hold this little girl back for an extra 2 months, because she had a functional heart murmur I needed her to grow out of before going to her new home and she was very tiny. 

The vet gave this little girl the all clear.  Heart, elbows, patella's are all fantastic. She is now ready for her new home.

She has amazing structure and is incredibly small.  At just shy of 4months old, she is weighing in at only 5lbs.  I can't say what her finished weight will be, but she will likely stay very small.

She is now available to a 5 star pet home


available $3,000


This girl still has a heart murmur, which seems to be functional, but just to be sure she is booked in with a cardiologist in June to have her heart throughly examined, which I will be paying for even if she is in a new home by then.    

I have discounted her price until the heart murmur goes away with growth as so many puppies.  


sold $6,000


sold $6,000

Leo & Sloans pups Born Jan 16/21





ears are cropped tail is docked

BLACK brindle male

available $3,500

Ears are cropped tail is docked

BLACK female

sold $3,500


sold $3,500

black brindle male

sold $3,500

black male

sold $3,500

black brindle male

Sold $3,500

Why does North West Cane Corso produce superior dogs?  

NW Cane Corso researches studs and pedigrees to pair a sire and a dame to produce superior pups and hopefully correct the flaws of the male and female. I breed for more masculine looking corso females, outstanding conformation and temperament. We are not a back yard breeder who breeds two dogs simply because they are in our back yard.

* De-sensitizing: De-sensitizes pups from birth, so they  fear very little in the real world. We expose them to loud noises, things dropping around them, radios, tv's, car rides, water and being handled in many different ways from the moment they are born.

* Training:  I work on basic obedience, such as recall, sit, down, stay, heel and house training, starting at 4 - 5 weeks of age and continue with training until they go to their new homes at approximately 10 weeks of age. Aside from house training and basic obedience, I also take pups (Cane corsos not the french bulldog pups) out to dog parks and on walks to socialize them early on and to see what the pups reactions are to different things in their environment.  By doing this I can see what areas the pups need more training in and it helps me match a pup to their forever home better by seeing the pups whole personality shine through. 

When you get a NW Cane Corso or French Bulldog you are getting a dog that has a strong basic obedience foundation from a very early age, which produces a more confident and healthy animal. We put time and energy into every pup for hours every single day, until they go to their forever homes.

Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs also come with:

* AKC and/or ICCF Registration (doesn't apply to pups sold to pet homes)

* Ears Cropped (Additional charge but our vet will do it for you at a breeder price)(CORSOS)

* Tails Docked (CORSOS)

* Puppy Shots

* Wormed

* 2 year health guarantee and life time support

* We will also board your Corso or French Bulldog in our home when ever the need arise for only $15 a day for the life of the dog.