I AM A FOREVER DOG,                                                         NOT AN UNTIL DOG.

I'm not an "until you find a girlfriend" dog

I'm not an "until you have a baby" dog

I'm not an "until you have to move" dog

I'm not an "until you have no time" dog

I'm not an "until I get old" dog


If you can't give me forever, then I'm not your dog...

Puppy Application


We look forward to adding an incredibly loving and attentive family member to your home!

Puppy contract

1.  Breeder guarantees the above described puppy is purebred and is able to be registered under the above listed registries.

2.  Breeder guarantees this puppy is in good health and free from any contagious diseases upon this date ______________________

3.  Breeder cannot guarantee the adult size, conformation or color.  This depends in part on how the puppy is raised and cared for: although dogs are bred to meet conformation standards.

4.  Return/Replacement Policy: It will never be my intention to take back a loved pet that has been with a family for some time before replacing him/her. (That is something that others breeders do, because they know a family will not return their dog to receive a healthy dog from that breeder) I will replace a dog that has life threatening congenital defects and allow the first dog to stay in its loving home. However, if I am informed by the pup/dogs veterinarian that the pup/dog is in discomfort and the family will not put the pup/dog down to save it from living in discomfort, then the dog must be returned to me, so I can give it the care it needs or do what is right by the dog and put it down to end its suffering.

a.  Pup must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within five (3) business days of taking possession and have written verification of the visit (A receipt will do).  If a serious health issue is diagnosed at the first examination, breeder will upon its own vet's concurrence in the diagnoses, accept the return of the pup and provide a replacement pup. If there is no pups available at that time, than the pup will be replaced from the next available litter.

b.  The original dog does not have to be returned to get a replacement pup if the dog has a serious case HD (hip dysplasia), that will hinder the dogs life and shorten its life by many years.  NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs (aka Jeannette Legros) prefer the current owner keep their beloved dog and we will still replace the pup.  However, if the dog is in discomfort and needs to be put down to save the animal from pain and suffering, NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs, will require the dog be put down immediately.  NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs will accept the return and will replace any puppy that encounters a serious case of hip dysplasia (HD) caused by its genetics until the pup reaches 24 months of age.  If the HD is not serious and will not hinder the dogs life and if the dog was purchased as a show/breeding dog, then NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs will return the difference for what we charge for our show dogs to our companion dog price. Buyer specifically releases and holds NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs harmless from any such condition that arises after that time.  In the event that buyer believes her/his dog has HD, buyer must notify NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs, prior to the dog reaching 24 months of age.  Subsequent examination/verification and concurrence will be provided by NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs veterinarian of choice.

c.  The breeder is not responsible for any health issues detected after 72 hours unless determined to be hereditary (This is due to the fact the new owner may expose the pup to another dog or pup with a contagious disease such as parvo etc).  If the problem is hereditary, the buyer may return the puppy for an exchange of an equal value pup.  If an equal value pup is unavailable, breeder will replace pup with one from the next available litter.  Two descended testicles is guaranteed in male show dogs only.  All cost incurred for shipping to and from the breeder is the responsibility of the buyer.  Buyer acknowledges and agrees that NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs replacement policy may only be exercised once in the original replacement of the puppy purchase.  Breeder is not responsible for veterinary bills or expenses related to care, even in the event the dog is returned for replacement.  A comparable replacement puppy will be offered as soon as feasible and when upcoming litters permit.   Registration papers must be returned for the original puppy/dog before receiving a replacement puppy. 

5.  Buyer shall assume the full responsibility for the health, veterinarian care, temperament and appearance of the above described puppy upon possession transfer.  

6.  Buyer agrees to maintain the dog in good health for the life of the dog. This may require but is not limited to, de-worming and medical care and a healthy environment at all times, i.e., adequate food, exercise, kenneling, medical care and proper living conditions to achieve full genetic potential.

7.  The actions and upbringing of the dog is the responsibility of the buyer.  Under no circumstances is the breeder to be held responsible for the dogs actions or temperament.  The purchased puppy was bred for good temperament, but the breeder cannot be responsible for the actions of others in the upbringing of the purchased puppy.  French Bulldogs & Cane Corsos need a lot of socializing and it is necessary for the buyer to socialize their puppy until the pup reaches at minimum maturity (minimum of 2 years old).

8.  Buyer agrees that the purchased puppy will never go to rescue center, animal shelter or pound.  Buyer agrees to give the breeder first right of refusal to take the puppy/dog back or allow the breeder to assist in placing the puppy in a new home.  Should the buyer sell/give away the puppy at any time in the puppy's life without breeder's first right of refusal, then the puppy shall be returned to the breeder with no monies refunded.  In the instance that the breeder shall find one of the breeder's puppies/dog for sale, then the buyer agrees to relinquish said puppy back into the possession of the breeder immediately.  Breeder reserves the right to enforce this contract in a court of law.  If it is necessary for the buyer to relinquish ownership of the puppy/dog immediately, the breeder agrees to take possession of the puppy/dog with no monies refunded and place the puppy/dog into a new home.  Fees incurred by the breeder for a replacement home for the puppy/dog such as medical care, advertising and boarding, shall be deducted from the price the new family pays and any money left over will be happily given to the previous owner.  This may include, but not limited to, advertising, medical attention, etc.  Should the above owner pass away, the family may return the dog to the breeder at any time with no monies refunded, nor will the family be billed for fees incurred by the breeder.

9.  Buyer agrees at no time shall this puppy/dog be used for illegal purposes.  Should the breeder be notified that this puppy is/was being used for illegal purposes: the breeder retains the right of repossession immediately with the dog's registration.

10.  A bitch sold with breeding/show rights (full AKC) shall not be bred prior to being 20 months old for Cane Corso's or 15 months for French Bulldogs or after the age of 5 years old for either breed.  The bitch can not be bred more than once a year for cane corsos and one back to back breeding for french bulldogs before skipping a heat.  The bitch can have a maximum of 3 litters and must be spayed.  Proof of spaying must be sent to breeder.  This applies to all bitches with breeding rights.  Bitches with limited registration must NOT be spayed until they are at least 2 years of age and must have had gone through at least one heat. Proof of spaying must be sent to the breeder. Male companion dogs must NOT be spayed until they are at least 2 years old.  It takes close to 2 years for a dog to fully mature, for its organs to fully mature and growth plates to close, by waiting until they are at least 2 years old to spay or neuter, your dog will live a longer healthier life.  All pups who are in companion (pet) homes will not receive registration papers.

11. Puppies are guaranteed to not have genetic hip dysplasia up to 24 months of age.  Owner shall not allow pup to run/walk up hills, jump on furniture and must not run their French Bulldog or Cane Corso on concrete roads or side walks for the first 1 1/2 years of the dogs life, so they do not rock the hip joints before they are fully formed causing hip dysplasia in the dog.  If the dog uses its back end for things like jumping on furniture etc. then the dog can potential develop HD. So please be careful with your new fur baby and don't let it exert it self. Puppies will over exert them selves with exercise as well, so make sure they are not over doing it and getting plenty of rest in their new home, especially for the first few months.

b.  Owner further agrees to feed the puppy/dog premium dog food and to keep the puppy/dog in good physical condition and at the proper weight.  Foods like Puppy Chow, Beniful, Ole Roy, Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet etc are not premium foods and are in violation of this contract.  Just because a food has a high price tag does not make it a quality food. Any dog food with corn, corn meal or any corn product or meat/chicken by-products are prohibited from feeding to the puppy/dog. Visit the DogFoodAdvisor.com to see how different foods compare. I personally feed "ACANA" which is a whole prey kibble and one of the best foods on the market hands down!

12.  Owner agrees to send pictures of the dog every 6 months for the first 2 years and to update the breeder on the dogs health and general well being throughout the dogs life.. Thank you in advance for that.. I love my pups and I think about them all the time, so when I get an updated picture through the years, it bring's untold joy.

13.  Puppy/dog is never to be chained up with thick heavy chains or collars or tied up for extended periods in the back yard.. They are a member of your family, so please treat them like one.

14.  The laws of the State of Washington control this contract and the venue for any legal dispute in connection with this agreement or related to the transaction memorialized herein shall lie exclusively in Whatcom County, Washington. If any provision herein is later found to be unenforceable it shall be severed from this contract and the remaining provisions shall remain in force and effect. The prevailing party to any legal action is entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and costs. 

15.  All rights afforded the parties to this contract may not be assigned or transferred without the express written consent of Jeannette Legros of NW Cane Corsos & French Bulldogs.

I, ___________________________________________________, certify by signing that I have read this agreement thoroughly, agree to and understand all of the terms and conditions of this contract.  I understand that upon my signing of this contract both buyer and breeder agree to adhere to all conditions and terms stated herein.  This contract if for the benefit of the owner, breeder, as well as the purchased puppy.