With the explosion of puppies being produced in this country, We are seeing the quality of many breeds as a whole go down. It seems as though 70% or more of Cane Corsos for sale are badly bred and don't even look like as a Cane Corso should, or adhere to the standards, not to mention the issues a badly bred French Bulldog can have.  

BE CAREFUL! Buying from a back yard breeder or puppy millers is a formula for disaster.

Having bloodlines set, in all aspects, brings consistency throughout the litter and insurance with your pup. You end up with a dog that conforms or exceeds the breed standards for looks, confirmation, temperament and health.

Buying a cheaper pup from a back yard breeder or puppy miller can cost you a tremendous amount of money in vet bills and possible cost you your dogs life before its time.  

When ever you buy a cheap dog from a puppy miller you are keeping these horrific breeders in business and by doing so, countless dogs are suffering and the people buying these pups are spending untold dollars for vet bills.  A well bred dog cost more for the initial purchase, but is cheaper in the long run, as you will not have to drain you bank account for the vet bills and eventually have to euthanize or re-home your beloved four legged family member.

When you see a pup that you would like to purchase on a website such as PuppyFind, make sure to click on the link that shows how many adds that seller has.  If they have several dogs for sale within the same breed and they are different ages and/or different breeds and it looks like they are a small or large puppy mill operation, make sure to pass them buy.  The less business puppy mills get the less likely they will stay in business.

Make sure to ask the following questions when inquiring about a pup of any breed for sale:

     *  I would like to book an appointment with you to come and view the pup, parents and the other dogs you have in your home.  Ask this question, even if you live in another state or country.   I usually start with the question "What state and city are you in" and when they answer that question, then I say, that is great news, I am actually going to be there in the next couple days to visit my sister.  I can pay you a visit in the next couple days as well, what day and time will be best for you?  If they are legit, they will happily set an appointment with you to visit.(then you can fess up and let them know that you may not be able to visit).  If they make up excuses as to why you can not visit or ask to meet you at some location along a highway or road, then don't deal with them!  If they are caring for their dogs the way EVERY breeder should be, then they would have no problem inviting you into their home to meet the dogs.  Don't fall for "I'm a single old lady and I get nervous having people over I don't know.  Or I have a litter of pups here and I don't want to expose them to germs or diseases carried in by other people! etc..s

Ensure your dog is coming from a happy and healthy environment.  Puppy millers sell to pet stores because they don't have to deal with people coming to visit and seeing the horrific conditions the dogs are in.  As well, scammers don't have the dog, so they won't allow you to visit and will stop all communication with you once you ask this question.

     *  Have you health tested the parents.  "ALL" hobby breeders concerned about producing the healthiest dogs they can, health test their dogs.  If the person you are talking to says they do, then make sure to ask them to email you the results of the health tests.  It is easy to lie and say they do, it is another story when they are asked to prove it.  If you are dealing with a reputable breeder who cares about health, structure and confirmation then they will be happy and proud to share the results of their dogs health tests with you. 

Health tests are very important as they ensure healthy pups that won't likely develop genetic issues in the future.  Puppy millers and back yard breeders don't go through this expense, because they are all about profit and don't care about the dogs.  Health test cost money and it is something they won't likely do.

     *  Ask for "current" pictures from all four sides of the pup/dog. (back, front, and both sides).  There is a lot of scammers out there who will not be able to fulfill this requirement. 

     *  Ask for pictures of the sire and dame (parents).  If you want a dog that represents the breed you are interested in and looks beautiful, then make sure to take a good look at the parents of those pups.  All pups are cute, but they will grow to look like the parents and other dogs in their pedigrees.