Raina, Reba & Brie are all 1 year old and will be bred in the fall of 2020.  They are  available guardian families who are fairly local to me 

Future Mama's

I have decided to place the females that are in my breeding program with families while they are pups, so they can get the love and attention every dog deserves as early as possible instead of after they are retired.

It is not easy for some dogs to live in a multiple dog house hold and some of my girls just don't get the amount of attention they desire or need when they have to share my attention with 8 other dogs.  Therefore, I will be offering pups that I will be keeping in my breeding program to families that are fairly local to me, for the same price I would sell a retired mama which is $500.

The terms of this puppy placement is:

* The pup has to come back to me for a night every 3 months, so it stays acclimated to my home, so when she is old enough to whelp a litter, she will be comfortable here.

* She will come back to me for a few days on her second heat for breeding and then go back home to her family

* She will come back to me a week before her due date and stay until the pups are weaned and she feels okay with leaving her pups (this various with some mama's.  I have mama's that don't want to have anything to do with their pups after 6 weeks and others who can't get enough of them)

* I will breed them 2 to 3 times max.  I only do a third breeding if they are producing the quality of pups I want in my program.  If I don't see what I am hoping to achieve with my pairings, than I spay them after their second litter and return them to their family.

* While in my breeding program, I will babysit my girls for free while their family is on vacation and such!

There will be a very strict contract in place before taking one of my girls home

Please give a lot of thought before agreeing to add one of my girls to your family.  You will fall in love with them madly and letting them go back to the breeder to whelp a couple litters is not an easy thing for any family.  You will miss them, but I promise you, they will be so involved and in love with their pups they won't miss you as much as you miss them.  Plus my dogs love me immensely and love being with me, I treat them like the queens they are.. So please give lots of thought before contacting me for one of my girls, because they will stay in my breeding program, their will not be any choice after they go to their new home to pay the full price and not let them be in my program..